Planète Haute Fidelité

Experienced service and passion!


  • Offer you competitive prices to meet any budget.
  • Provide service that meets your expectations.
  • Let you experience the full range of emotions that come with listening to your favorite music, with quality equipment that can be matched to your décor.

"The sound room in which we listen to our music or movie sings by itself. Hence the importance of well-chosen and appropriately positioned speakers, to ensure harmony in your acoustic environment."

"I’ve always dreamed of making the people from my region, benefit from my passion and my experience of the wonderful world of high-end audio."

Welcome "to your home" my friends from Lanaudière and elsewhere ! 

Christian Vezina


Planète Haute-Fidélité is a high-end audio-video shop located in the heart of the city of Repentigny.

It is the place to see, touch and listen to high-end gear before taking it home.

You will find quality products, new and second hand, competitive prices and top-quality service. From the small portable speaker to the reference turntable through valve or solid-state amplifiers. You will also find headphones, vinyl records and lots of fun!

It is also the ideal place to discuss, exchange and purchase accessories to improve your equipment’s performance (wiring, power supply, acoustic panels, etc.).

Planète Haute-Fidélité is the result of more than 25 years of experience in specialized shops in the Greater Montreal area, by the audio-video advisor and musician Christian Vézina. An enthusiast of sound and a music lover, who’s always in tune with people to better advise them with the choice of their sound system or their home theater.

Whether you're looking for a small Bluetooth speaker, a good pair of headphones or the amp you've always dreamed of, come and try us out!





Installation and calibration of audio/video equipment
and high-fidelity

Residential and commercial