The MartinLogan

Discover the unparalleled sound experience offered by MartinLogan, where uncompromising performance, unwavering precision and unwavering reliability come together through the magic of electrostatic principles.


MartinLogan's story

Of course, it's fascinating to learn about MartinLogan's origins. Although it can be assumed that the company was founded by people named Martin and Logan, it's actually a combination of the names Gayle Martin Sanders and Ron Logan Sutherland. Sanders and Sutherland chose the name MartinLogan rather than SandersSutherland because it sounded better. Interestingly, the option of using GayleRon apparently never crossed their minds.

Their partnership began in the late 1970s when they both crossed paths in a high-end audio store run by Sanders in Lawrence, Kansas. Despite their diverse backgrounds - Sanders with a background in architecture and advertising, and Sutherland with expertise in electrical engineering - they found common ground in their love of music and a shared interest in electrostatic loudspeakers. This shared passion eventually laid the foundations for the creation of MartinLogan.

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