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Much more than a simple playback device, the vinyl turntable is an invitation to travel back in time and rediscover music in its most authentic form. By investing in a vinyl turntable, you embrace an incomparable listening experience where every crackle and nuance of sound comes to life. Unlike compressed digital formats, vinyl preserves the richness and depth of original recordings, giving you warm, organic sound quality. Owning a vinyl collection is a real delight, each record being a tangible object that tells a story, with often artistic sleeves and enriching liner notes. Last but not least, the vinyl turntable is also a vintage decorative element, a symbol of refinement and nostalgia that appeals to music lovers and design enthusiasts alike. It offers total immersion in the world of music, combining aesthetics, history and listening quality.

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Vinyl turntable

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Investing in a quality vinyl turntable is a wise decision for any music lover wishing to rediscover the richness and warmth of analog sound. A top-of-the-range turntable offers unrivalled precision, clarity and audio fidelity, enabling you to relive music in all its glory.

The brands we represent are synonymous with performance and durability, offering immersive listening. Some brands are renowned for their innovative designs and cutting-edge technologies, guaranteeing an exceptional listening experience. Others take a more artisanal approach, with an emphasis on precision and stability, ensuring perfect sound reproduction.

By choosing one of these prestigious brands, you're not only treating yourself to a superior musical experience, but also to an objet d'art that will add a touch of elegance to your space. Dive into the world of vinyl and let Planète Haute Fidélité guide you through this audio adventure.

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Trying out vinyl turntables in a store like ours before you buy offers several crucial advantages to guarantee an optimal listening experience.

Personal sound experience: How you feel is subjective and can vary from person to person. Testing turntables in-store allows you to judge sound quality for yourself, according to your own preferences.

Room acoustics: Our store has dedicated listening rooms that simulate different domestic room acoustics. This gives you an idea of how the turntable can look in your home.

Direct comparison: In our store, you can directly compare several turntable models, which is invaluable for distinguishing the nuances between different pieces of equipment.

Expert advice: Our audio sales specialists can provide valuable information, answer your questions, and guide you in your choice according to your needs and budget.

Understanding size and aesthetics: Online photos can sometimes be misleading. Seeing turntables in person allows you to assess their actual size and see how they might fit into your space.

Avoid returns: Testing before you buy can reduce the risk of being dissatisfied with your purchase, avoiding the hassle and expense of returning goods.

In the age of e-commerce, where everything is accessible at the click of a button, the importance of a direct tactile and auditory experience should not be underestimated, especially for products as subjective and nuanced as audiovisual equipment.

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Planète Haute-Fidélité reflects more than a quarter-century of expertise acquired by Christian Vézina, audio/video consultant and musician, in specialized stores throughout the vast Montreal region. Christian, an avid music lover, is constantly on the lookout for customers' needs, to guide them wisely in the selection of their stereo system or home cinema.

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"Christian combines being a real audiophile geek with excellent and empathetic service. His knowledge is truly amazing and there is never a rush to buy...."

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"Planète Haute Fidélité is an excellent shop run by a passionate owner who loves serving his customers. I never felt rushed, with zero sales pressure. "

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"A super place to visit, listen to high quality new, demo and used hifi gear. Outside the big city centers, this place is unique and appeals to the passionate music listener!"

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"I bought a complete stereo system. Before choosing my kit, I was able to spend a few hours in the store trying out different amp and speaker configurations. Christian, the owner, was extremely helpful...."

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yan garzon

"For an audiophile, this is the place to be in greater Montreal.
Christian has a great selection to suit all budgets, but above all a chic guy who'll be there to help you find what you're looking for. Beautiful store and what can I say about its listening room! Go for it!"