Musical Fidelity surprises us once again!

With the return of an audio icon, Rogers introduces the legendary Rogers LS3/5A small studio monitors to its product range, to complement the return of their A1 integrated. There will also be LS5/9! They will be identified with the Musical Fidelity name but designed to the BBC’s original specifications. The LS3/5A was originally designed for listening areas where space was limited, such as mobile TV control rooms. The objective was a linear frequency response down to 100 Hz with excellent sound quality.

The LS3/5A convinces with its clear, fast playback, thanks to the closed-type enclosure. As the loudspeaker was designed for studio applications, the midrange is extremely detailed and realistic. The soundstage and imaging of voices and instruments are truly extraordinary. The LS3/5A works best at a close/medium listening distance of between two and four meters from the listener. They will be available by special order. When I first sold the Roger LS3/5A, I was always charmed by their coherence and the accuracy of their timbres. They’ll definitely be in store!