STABLE 33.2MK2 vinyl turntable available at PLANÈTE!

For our fast-approaching 3rd anniversary, we’re delighted to welcome the Stable 33.2 MK2 from the young Quebec company Stable 33.33. Its designer, Sylvain Pichette, an aerospace machinist, has devoted over 20 years to research and development, and has succeeded in creating an exceptional turntable of a quality and precision that rivals that of the world’s leading manufacturers. The STABLE 33.33 model 33.2 MK2 is entirely designed and manufactured in Quebec and is now available at PLANÈTE HAUTE-FIDÉLITÉ!

We’re happy to encourage local talent and honored to be the first authorized retailer to offer it to you.

The price of the turntable without tonearm and cartridge is $11,499. It is equipped with a 10.5″ REED 1H tone arm ($4,275) and a Hanna SL cartridge ($1,035) for a total of $16,809 + tax.

Several configurations are possible with other pickups or cells.

For more details, drop by for a listen and discover this work of art, sure to please you from the very first notes!