Summary of Montréal Audiofest 2023!

The 2023 edition of Montreal Audiofest was a huge success again this year!
According to the organizers, attendance was up 20% on the previous year!
The challenge for all the exhibitors was to make a good presentation at a volume loud enough to bring out the qualities of the audio system, but not too loud to stay within the standards of realism. In our case, we had to make sure we kept the door open to fill the room and then close it to isolate ourselves from the outside noise, because when there’s a lot of traffic, there’s a lot of noise. I’d like to thank all those who visited us and understood the challenge. It’s hard to please everyone, because the choice of music could change at any time depending on the demands of the listeners.

I think we managed to satisfy the ears of most of our visitors. You are all invited to come and listen to the store again in “more normal” conditions!
Highlights of the weekend included a whirlwind visit from Qobuz’s David Salomon, who showed us his latest musical favourites and told us about the arrival of Qobuz in Quebec in May, and live performances by Anne Bisson and harpist Isabeau Corriveau. I’d like to thank them wholeheartedly for their generosity, because the emotion was palpable at every performance. I’d also like to thank Sylvain Gagnon, my loyal collaborator, who is impeccable at every show as well as in the store, Pierre Blais and Justin Brown of Martin Logan, René Evans of Saturn Audio, Erik Fortier and Danny Labrecque of Luna Câbles/Wattson Audio, Sylvain Pichette of Stable 33.33 and all the journalists and reviewers who covered the event. A huge thank you to organizers Sarah Tremblay and Michel Plante and their team for their dedication and hard work in keeping the big audio party alive and kicking every year!

See you next year for the 2024 edition!

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