The 33rd edition of Montreal Audiofest was a great success!

Last update: Apr. 1 2022

Audiophiles from all over the world gathered in Montreal to finally get together and explore what manufacturers, distributors and specialist stores had to show and tell them. What a joy to see all those people behind their masks, all smiling broadly, after two years of pandemic (there has been no audio show for the last two years). Despite the large number of people milling around, I was surprised by their patience in getting the chance to sit in the right chair, because if you’re standing still and not in the center, you don’t really get a sense of what the “kit” is capable of in terms of resolution and stereo image. PLANÈTE HAUTE-FIDÉLITÉ teamed up with Martin Logan to present a pair of ESL 13A electrostatics paired with a Michi X5 integrated amplifier, an Innuos Zenith network player, Sylvain Pichette’s famous 33.2 MK2 vinyl turntable (Stable 33.33), a Gold Note PH-10 phono stage paired with its PSU-10 external power supply. Electrical filtration was provided by a Saturn Audio 103C filter, and the audio cabinet was composed of Norstone Spyder modules. The cabling was supplied by the now-defunct Bis Audio company. Attached is a good description by Stereophile magazine reporter Robert Schryer, reflecting our thoughts on electrostatic loudspeakers. A huge thank you to Robert for taking the time to visit us and write this article, and a huge thank you to organizers Sarah Tremblay and Michel Plante and my team at this great gathering.

Thanks also to everyone who visited us. You’re welcome to come back to the boutique for a second listen in more relaxed conditions!

Long live high-performance audio!

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