The Ferrari of amplifiers according to Son et Image magazine!

Here’s a nice article by Michel Bérard from the now-defunct Son et Image magazine from October 2017. It describes very well the feeling I had when I listened to this amplifier for the very first time. I’m very proud and happy to be able to add it to our product offering at PLANÈTE HAUTE-FIDÉLITÉ. Please note that the price at the end of the article is also from 2017. Grandinote Shinai now sells for two thousand dollars more than in 2017.

It’s also important to know that good appliances never go out of style! They retain their values, qualities and musicality forever. It’s like buying a good piano, a good guitar, a good violin or any other quality musical instrument. Long-term investment means passing on the legacy to the next in the family, and this amplifier is one of those great ones!

**It’s also important to know that PLANÈTE HAUTE-FIDÉLITÉ continues to offer amplifiers starting at $300, and that we’ve simply expanded the range of products available. Products to suit all tastes and budgets. At PLANÈTE HAUTE-FIDÉLITÉ, anyone just beginning to take an interest in high-fidelity is treated with the same attention as a seasoned audiophile. It’s all about passion, and you’ll feel it when you visit us.

See you soon!

Christian Vézina