The new Musical Fidelity M6xDAC has finally arrived ($3249 + tax)!

The M6x DAC is a new milestone in the history of Musical Fidelity DACs. Its predecessor, the M6s DAC, was one of the first to use the critically acclaimed HyperStream II 32-bit ESS DAC architecture. With the M6sR DAC, they’ve continued to improve the firmware and added a few other quality-of-life enhancements. DSD was now easier to use, they had full Roon support, and inputs and outputs were updated to keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital audio landscape. And the other great thing: the M6sR DAC was now manufactured in the EU! With the M6x DAC, they’ve gone even further. Drawing on their knowledge and experience with Sabre ESS chips, they upgraded to the latest ES9038Q2M, and now use two in dual differential mode for a flawless dual mono design. The inclusion of a time-domain jitter eliminator results in superb SNR and THD+N performance, with incredibly detailed transient response. Other advances in the DAC section include oversampling and resynchronization. Oversampling can be enabled or disabled independently. Altera’s 16-core XMOS and CPLD MAX II processors ensure that there’s always enough headroom for these operations, the new digital filters and MQA processing. The unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR outputs each have their own output buffer. Via the XLR sockets, you can enjoy a fully differential amplifier design for a fully balanced output. Both output stages offer superior audio quality, very low noise, wide output voltage variation and high-current drive. Excellent gain bandwidth and very fast sweep speed produce exceptionally low distortion.

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