The Sugden Signature A21SE has arrived!

In 1967, J.E. Sugden developed the first “pure class A” transistor amplifier. The A21 is still one of the most musical amplifiers in the world. Sugden have been using the same circuit all this time. The Signature SE version boasts an improved power supply and 30 watts RMS per channel at eight ohms. Each amplifier is assembled by a single person, and signed by that person at every stage of manufacture, right up to the finished product, which is labelled with a card showing the details and signatures. We sometimes have to wait over a month for delivery of our order. It’s a bit like ordering a unique, exotic car. It’s worth the wait.
Their slogan: Save music from technology!
In my humble opinion, this classic-looking, gadget-free amplifier (with just three buttons on its front panel), a power button, an input selector and a volume control (also available on remote control), will make anyone who buys it proud.

Christian Vézina
N.B. They are available in a multitude of colors!